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Divorce and Family Law Representation in Conway, Arkansas

Father and daughter

Experienced Attorney

Divorce can get messy. Between child custody, property divisions and a host of other areas of potential disagreement, divorcing couples can easily get bogged down in so many arguments that final resolution may seem unattainable.

It often requires in-depth legal experience to ensure that the needs and rights of everyone are protected, even in the midst of court-fueled emotional turbulence. It takes a sound mind and a knack for detail to navigate issues of child custody, alimony, division of property and other complex divorce issues.

Fortunately, since 2005, Chris T.  Murray has handled complex issues like divorce and custody countless times. He’s well-known throughout Arkansas for providing nothing but the finest legal counsel and representation to families and individuals in need.

Affordable Is an Option

Chris recognizes the costly nature of legal counsel and offers rates competitive within the market. If your divorce is truly uncontested and can be settled without litigation, he offers his services for an affordable flat fee. For more complex or difficult cases, he will protect your rights and the issues are resolved at a fair hourly rate. 

Whether it’s a simple divorce that can be settled out of court or a complicated legal battle which needs to be fought, Chris is your man for the job.

Child Custody – Best Interests

Chris T. Murray will work his hardest to ensure that minor children in a divorce case have their best interest considered. Family pressures and emotions involved in family law may be incredibly delicate, so Chris is ready to wade into even the most complex situations in order to ensure workable solutions for his clients and their children.

His background in this area of law is a valuable asset which allows the perspective and understanding necessary to iron out difficulties and ensure the best outcomes for children.