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Personal Injury Law in Conway, Arkansas

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When You Get Hurt, Be Sure to Get Help

Not everything is an accident. Getting injured due to the negligence of others is a legal matter, and frequently leads to litigation. With our expertise in personal injury law, Murray Law Office will help you determine whether to engage in settlement negotiations or to pursue justice in court.

Any injury can dramatically change your life. Injuries create physical, psychological and financial setbacks, which can affect your employability and overall well-being. And if your loved one has been injured or killed, then legal action may be your only recourse to see justice served.

Since 2005, Murray Law Office has served families and individuals in need throughout Arkansas. His consistent reliability and closeness have helped families not just through the webs of legal entanglements but through the emotional heartache that cases like this inherently entail.

What’s Covered Under Personal Injury?

Personal injury law covers far more than just “getting hurt” due to accident or negligence. Injuries are nothing to shrug off — they can and will set you back due to medical bills, inability to work and the potential for permanent injury.

This area of law also covers medical malpractice and wrongful death. Whether it’s getting hurt on the job due to unsafe working conditions, a surgery or treatment gone wrong or a loved one getting killed through the negligence of others, you deserve zealous advocacy, and monetary compensation.

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